Allianz® Digital Transformation

The Challenge

The Customer relied on a manual process, using spreadsheets, to calculate premiums, agent commissions & other benefits. An error-prone, slow and inefficient process, required many control stages to reduce and correct mistakes. The results were then manually loaded to the accounting software in order to fulfill the payments.

The goal was to accelerate the process, reducing time & errors, and optimizing resources and efforts for manual supervision.

Why redbee

In the past, redbee had helped Allianz transforming its digital policy documents. This had an enormous positive impact, encouraging the customer to trust redbee with a more important project: “Mi Allianz” (My Allianz) a client-facing, multi-channel self-service concentrator. To this day, “Mi Allianz” is still praised in local insurance industry.

These succeding projects cemented a continuing relationship between the two companies, now more than five years long.

The Solution

redbee was able to leverage the extensive business knowledge provided by Allianz, bringing its own solid product development expertise.

Designing and developing a solution from scratch, redbee took advantage of the latest stable technologies available, commissioning a cloud-ready, completely modular and secure solution: Infinitum.

The Results

Infinitum reduced the business process duration from seven days to just four hours. It now quotes and pays automatically, on a regular -scheduled- basis, being integrated directly with the existing accounting systems, further reducing the operational efforts and minimizing errors.

As a result of this successful collaborative project, Allianz extended the scope of their investment, initiating the development of new modules, enlarging the platform and expanding its capabilities. With these initiatives, Allianz positions itself as a clear leader among the insurance industry.

Thanks Allianz for trusting us as their partner during its Digital Transformation


redbee caught our attention for its methodology, development quality and its continuous innovation contributions.

CIO Allianz Argentina
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