Our Philosophy

Time to market, quality and low cost. Demands in our industry are higher and higher. Is it posible to be successful and balanced in these three qualities? At Redbee Studios we believe so.

The Balance

With more than 20 years building the most complex platforms and experiencies we now are at a point we can distil the best processes and practices to build sucessful digital products.  We believe in the balance between three key practices, User Experience Design, Product Management and Software Engineering. We also have a Lean thinking in all our processes.

Design Sprint

Design sprints elaborated by Google Ventures and is Redbee’s choosen ideation and design framework. It is forged with Design Thinking concepts and is well proven iterative process to design digital products and services.

Lean Product Development and Agile

To meet the high standards in todays product development world we use the Lean approach. Through the implementation of lean practices with roots in the Toyota Product System. It allows us and our clients to visualize outcomes quickly, iterate and get feedback faster to ultimate includes the learnings into the digital products we build.  Along with Lean Product Development techniques we use a combination of proven Agile Software Development techniques to have an efficient cycle from idea to deployment.
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