At redbee we wake up every day wanting to do what we do. We choose it.

Our essence is to transform clients, industries, methodologies and people.

We don't work on technology: we work the technology.

Our hive

We promote participation and true autonomy.

Why is each of our technical teams free to carry out their projects? Because we have the talent and knowledge that is needed to get the job done.

Our culture

We believe that siloing of knowledge has no place in digital innovation-oriented organizations. That’s why we promote diversity and fluid contact between the different development teams. We all pull to the same side at the hive, because we all understand what needs to be done. It is our social DNA, like bees.

Would you like an example? Check out our #LeyDeFacturas , which have to comply when you join redbee.


Our teams decide and contribute about what benefits we want to have. Here’s a snapshot of what we offer today:


21 days for everyone, from the beginning.

Home Office

And flexible hours.


For you and your family.

XL licenses

Paternity/maternity leave and marriage.


Budget is open to propose what we need.

Lunch and breakfast

Lunch on Fridays, and breakfast everyday.


Discounts and plans.


Craft beer tap. In the office. Yes, you read that right.


At the offices, organized by shifts.


PS4 + VR, 3D Printer, Table games.


English and Portuguese classes at the office.



Working from home

On top of the current situation we are going through due to the pandemic, at redbee we bring people to work remotely from everywhere, traveling to Bs. As. once a quarter to share some time with the team.

Our onboarding welcome kit includes everything you need to be able to work from home:

Internet benefits
Extra swag

Open Jobs

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